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What to do when you’re caught in a natural disaster while overseas

You should be having the time of your life when you’re on vacation overseas, but you’ll never know if an accident might occur. Natural disasters one of the more unpredictable events that could happen when you’re travelling, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself for it.

The ways to prepare yourself for a natural disaster overseas such as purchasing travel insurance starts before you even leave for the vacation. Check them out:

Inform your family and friends

Before going anywhere, you should tell the people you trust where you are going and what are your plans. That way, if you’re caught in a natural disaster overseas, your family or friends can inform the Malaysian government about the details of your trip.

Plan your trip with safety in mind

You should do some research about the country you’re visiting before going on a trip. Consider the potential risks and have an idea of the emergency services and where your country‚Äôs embassy is at the destination you’re travelling.

travel insurance aig

Pack with the worst-case scenario in mind

It’s understandable if you want to bring as much as you can with your luggage, but save some space for these items in case of emergencies: copies of your identity card, travel documents and credit cards, extra cash, and cell phone batteries if possible. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Notify your embassy

If a natural disaster has struck during your trip, check in with your embassy as soon as possible. It is the best place to get the latest news and evacuation plans.

Be active and alert

The first thing to do during a natural disaster is to stay calm. If you’re not sure where you’re supposed to go, follow the direction of the authorities. You can also talk to locals, tour operators and hotel owners to know which areas are off-limits. Follow local media for early advice and warnings.

Help or stay out of the way

It’s your choice, but you can stay to help if the place you’re visiting is struck with a natural disaster. However, if you don’t plan to aid with relief efforts, get out of the way. You’re doing more harm than good if you’re in a dangerous area without a plan.


No one hopes for the natural disaster to occur during their vacation, but one shouldn’t rule out the possibility it. Stay calm and be very careful if it does happen, and be sure to purchase travel insurance before you travel.

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