Shaves2u Trial Kit Unboxing

My Shaves2U Singapore Review: First Shave Online Subscription

I’m really excited to be able to share this Shaves2U review from Shaves2U with you! I had seen the Shaves2U razor on Facebook and was very sceptical about it. I mean what is so special about these blades compared to others? Personally, I had tried many blades from various companies that boasted “the best a man can get”.

Shaves2U Trial Kit
Shaves2U Trial Kit Shaver and Shaver Cream

Looking at the ad made me decided to give it a try. $5 for a trial kit. I ordered the trial kit…. I mean what did I have to lose? Upon receiving my trial kit, I went straight away to try them. What can I say? The razor glides along the contours of my face, cut well and close and finally a blade that never clogged!

I was using a Gillette Fusion 5 blade which also has a back blade to shave the hard spots beneath the nose. The five blades are usually clogged up with hair, but with Shaves2U razor, no hairs caught. Hard spots beneath the nose were hard to shave with the Gillette Fusion blade, but with the Shaves2U razor, it was not much problem to get at the hard places.

5 blades Premium Shaver by Shaves2U
Premium Handle Shaver | Shaves2U

Gillette Fusion blades are about $25 for four blades, but with Shaves2U, only $22 for four blades. Definitely staying with Shaves2U.

Here is my pros and cons on Shaves2U review. Every one has their own point but here is mine.

Pros: It glides across the skin with no friction, at one point I thought there were no blades in the head and I was just wiping away shaving foam!! Ha! This razor makes shaving my upper lip/below my nose much easier!! I’ve always kept a mini-stubble goatee there for years because no razor made it easy to shave there… I’m now FULLY clean shaven!!

Cons: I now look like a twelve-year-old boy due to my lack of stubble haha! Honestly, NO cons!! And this was only using the free trial kit.

I am very impressed with my Shaves2U razor and blades! They are ideal for keeping my face smooth and do a perfect job there with no razor burn or complications. Hope you guys enjoy reading my Shaves2U review post. Do visit their website at and their YouTube video to get know better about their products and services.

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