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How artificial intelligence is changing our smartphones

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant impacts in various areas in our lives such as gaming and travel. Thanks to AI,  we get to experience technologies like self-driving cars, virtual assistants and chatbots.

For smartphones, Android and iOS mobile platforms have transformed the way we use mobile technology by integrating AI into apps such as the AI camera in ViVo V11. Here are some ways AI have changed smartphones:

AI-powered cameras

Smartphone cameras with a built-in AI can help you get that perfect shot by tweaking the best settings automatically. They can quickly detect facial features or the subject in the frame and adjust the settings accordingly. Taking photos with low light is also possible with AI cameras.

vivo v11

Smarter search engines

Forget about typing into the search bar, AI and machine learning have allowed users to search using images and voice. If an Android phone doesn’t have an image or voice recognition search system, toss it away!

Facial recognition

Remember when we used to think unlocking phones with your fingerprint was cool? Now it’s possible to unlock your phone with your face! Smartphones use the combination of algorithms, premium hardware and AI system to identify a person’s face and secure unlock. These days, AI is so smart that even after changing your facial features ーlike growing a beard or wearing glassesー it will still recognise you!

Safe cybersecurity

We’re uploading more and more data onto the internet, so it’s only natural to improve the data security on our phones. With Ai, threats and issues with security are significantly reduced by alerting users by analysing the user’s behaviour.


There’s no stopping AI from being in our lives as its benefits are too great to ignore. It also wouldn’t be a surprise to see advanced AI technology shown in the movies soon.

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