Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy With These Tips

Many parents have considered different bento box ideas for their little ones due to many reasons. It is one way to be creative with your food preparation while making meals practical and hassle-free. A bento box is compact and easy to carry everywhere – you can pack up a complete meal for your kids in one box, and they’re good to go with their meal of the day.

Besides its practicality and convenience, a bento box is also an excellent way to introduce a healthy diet to your children. We all know that kids can be very fussy in their meals, and you may often have a hard time making your children eat the greens. But we need to ensure that our children earn the best nutrients from the food they consume, apart from instilling good eating practices from a very young age.

But what if your current meal plan or the bento box of your choice don’t work? Are there different approaches that you can try to make them eat better?

What is a healthy diet?

While a healthy diet may differ specifically from one individual to another, it generally means giving your children the right proportions of food for them to consume daily. A healthy diet consists of the right amount of nutrients your children receive, from carbohydrates, proteins, and fibres.

You can see carbohydrates at the bottom of the food pyramid, and many assume that they must take it in the most quantities. Since carbs consist of sugar, it digests quickly to become energy in our body and does not sustain very well in the stomach. A diet consisting of mostly carbohydrates can make your child hungry quickly, which consequently leads to overeating.

Proteins are pertinent to build and repair muscle tissues and cells in our body. Every day, our children may partake in strenuous activities that require strength and endurance. A sufficient amount of protein can help rebuild back their muscles so they can continue their day vigorously. 

Fibre is essential nutrition that your body needs, and you can find it primarily in greens and fruits. Apart from its importance to improve our digestion, our body digests fibre at a slow rate. Making your children consume a sufficient amount of fibre helps them feel full longer, hence preventing the chances of overindulging in food in other mealtimes due to starvation.

Due to these properties, many dietitians and experts recommend the “quarter-quarter-half” technique, where a diet should consist of mostly fibre, followed by equal quarter portions of carbs and protein. Consuming a sufficient amount of fibre can ideally form a balanced plate for your children’s daily food intake. However, taking a lot of fibre also means making them eat more fruits and vegetables, which many children are particularly fussy about. 

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Introduce colourful fruits

While making children eat a lot of fibre can be tricky, most of them do enjoy fruits. Sweet fruits, in particular, are popular among kids because of their enjoyable flavours that are rarely present in green vegetables. But one characteristic of fruits that make them easy to love is the variation of colours it can give. 

So one way of enriching your kids’ diet with fibre is through selecting their favourite fruits. You can also make their meal box more colourful with a proper selection of fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries, red apples, grapes, and many more. 

Giving kids autonomy over their food

Kids can be very picky with what they choose to eat, but one way to work around this is to give them options. Put it as a way of rewarding them a treat – they can enjoy their favourite pizza or dessert only if they agree to consume the green veggies that come along with it as well. 

You can also provide them with a list of possible meals that they can choose from to give them an idea of autonomy. Giving your kids control over the food they want to eat can encourage them to readily take what you introduce since it’s a menu of their choice.

Survey different bento box ideas

We love a well-presented plate. It increases our appetite and tells our brain that we see something likely to taste exquisite in our mouths. This case is even more relevant among children – with the correct presentation, they’re more likely to take what they like to see, even if they consist of many green vegetables and fruits.

One way to be creative with food presentations is through trying different bento box ideas. You may have tried one or two styles of bento box menu, and your kids may be bored of it. Survey other ideas now to find more inspirations that you can apply when preparing meals for your little ones.

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